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Daily Star Pest Control Review by Ramisa

While Pricing Depand on how much sft the invaded area by any Pest Organisms. The Basic Rate is 1500BDT from 500SFT-1000SFT, Incase of any pest infested including Termite, Rodents, Bedbugs, Ants, Millipedes, Centipedes etc. Guarantee and Warrenties are the vital part of any dealing. They Provide Safe Pest Control with Pyrithroids, they stated that this pesticides are natural and no side effects on Health. They Usually called them as public Health Pesticide(PHP). They Provide five Yrs Guaranteed termite control warranties, Six to One Yr Guaranteed Crawling Insects control warranties. You may Avail Preconstruction Anti-Termite Treatment while building is under construction and Post-construction Anti-Termite Treatment after building constructed and ready to live. You May Have General Pest Control Service for 100% Export Oriented RMG Sectors. They Added Fumigation Certificate, Pest Control Certificate and Phytosanitary Certificate issued by Govt.Licensed Commercial Pest Control Company. This issued certificates including Termite Control Guarantee Certificate is also issued by this type commercial pest control company. This type of complete pest control company profile must have, local municipality trade licence, Commercial pest Control Operator Licence from the Agricultural Extension Department by the People Republic of Bangladesh, Having Appointed MBBS Doctor, Having Fire Licence, Having Applied Entomologist is Mandatory, Expert Exterminator team is much essential for this type of organisation, Having Safe and Eco-friendly Pesticides, insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicide,  Anti-vrial Disinfectant, Anti-bacterial Agents, Proper Pesr Control Tools and Safe Tools Stockings  is very essential. Is very IMPORT to know that the Applied Entomologist has proper safety knowledge about public health safety!

Sneakily creeping and crawling behind furniture and secretly invading your buildings to your utter dismay, pests can easily put a damper on a joyful habitat. Although seemingly harmless, the invasion by these tiny organisms is a serious concern. Fighting these breeding critters and ridding your home of them can simply be a plain nightmare.  

So, how can we be triumphant in this war against the creeper insurgence? When a repellent just will not serve the purpose, get some professional help. Call an accredited exterminator or a pest management to free your house of unwanted guests. 

Urban Pest Control Ltd, with their offices located at Mirpur, specialises in all things pests. They are more than happy to take on projects at residences and offices, even extending their services to factories and restaurants. 

Providing different packages for different infestations, along with fumigation services and anti-termite treatments, they guarantee eco-friendly and humane pest control methods. 

Another option to consider can be Zero Pest Control who swear by botanical pesticides and non-hazardous means for standard hygiene, protection, safety and complete disinfection. But if you still feel like you are limited with your options, you are definitely not. 

Sidewalks in Green Road, Dhanmondi and many other places are lined with numbers of such exterminators, more so than you probably need. But how much would it cost to disinfect your building of such nuisance? 

While prices depend on how big the invaded area is, the basic rate is Tk 2000 per 1000 sq, in case of everyday bugs and insects such as roaches, rodents, spiders and ants. 

Warranties are also part of the deal and are extended over 6 to 12 months. Moreover, a complete fumigation will set you back a mere Tk 1000. You also have the option of opting for an anti-termite treatment package for a building undergoing construction with a 25-year warranty for Tk 10,000 per 1000 sq. Many pest management companies offer different deals and you have the advantage of comparing and contrasting different rates and offers to get the most out of this sticky situation. 

If you are one to take matters into your own hands, you can always implement tried and true home remedies or one of many age-old neat tricks to battle invading pests. 

In many cases, great lengths are not required and you can just as easily combat infestations by making use of recycled coffee beans. Bugs do not love coffee like we do and leaving ground coffee around the home where you think they are emerging can go a long way in ridding your home of them.

Target persistent ants with a homemade ant-bait of half a cup of sugar, one cup warm water and two tablespoons of Borax, a white powder easily found at Agora, or all other supershops. Place the solution right in front of the ant’s march and the problem will be solved.

You can also free your gardens and plants from infestations with a simple garlic-mint spray. All you need to do is blend some mint leaves and garlic cloves in a food processor with a pinch of cayenne pepper and a drop of dishwashing liquid. Bring the concoction to a simmer, let sit overnight and strain it into a spray bottle to keep your greens growing strong. 

Other than these drastic means, countless everyday measures can be taken to eliminate breeding grounds for pests and to build a hygienic community. Proper garbage collection and disposal systems, covered bodies of water and unexposed food sources will go a long way in dodging these home-invaders.

When it comes to pest control, your supply of arms is truly infinite. Opt to call in professional help, take on a challenge yourself or ‘weaponise’ one of endless repellents and you will have won this battle. 

By Ramisa Haque, Daily Star Correspondent You may contact Urban Pest Control Ltd at 01723057746; Pest Exterminator can be contacted at 01642008383