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Urban Pest Pest Control is one of the most popular, reliable & Pest Control Service in Dhaka city. Leading Govt. Approved Licensed Commercial Pest Control Company in Bangladesh by Our Distinct Safe Pest Control Measures in the Field of Residential and Commercial Pest Control Demands.

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Urban Pest Control Company in Bangaldesh

We are Bangladesh Government Approved Pest Control Company in Bangladesh And Originated From The Applied Entomological Background Since 2013 with an aims to provide Safest, Long lasting Residential, Commercial and Industrial Pest Control in Dhaka Urban Lives which is 100% Alternatives to Toxic Pesticides, Healthy and Safe with Botanical and Public Health Pesticides. Our Govt. Pest Control Operation License Number is 309 Issued from Dhaka Khamarbari, National Plant Wing. 

Why You Need Pest Control Services?

A Pest Free Home, Business, Structural Property, Environment is and Healthiest. We Always avail the best and Premium Quality and healthiest Pesticides to render Quality pest Control Services in Dhaka with worldwide used most effective and durable pesticides and Pest Control Technologies both for most destructive Structural pest termite and others crawling and flying Vector pests Including Cockroach, Rodent, Bedbugs, Ants, Spider, House-fly, Mosquito, Flea, Mite, Centipede, Millipede etc! Some Common Pest Issues in Bangladesh are as follow as for Home and Industry and Commercial Premises.

Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. is the leading pest control company in Dhaka. Located in Mirpur, it was founded in November 2004 with a vision of ensuring better health, hygiene, safety and life for the residents of Dhaka. Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. started as a small nursery and resulted in a dedicated network of 150+ zones covering all of Bangladesh.


The company has a dedicated team of 600+ employees providing pest control services in the areas of private homes, offices, clinics, shops, schools, hospitals, government buildings, and public places. Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. offers three different types of services:


Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. offers both residential and commercial pest control services for residential complexes as well as shops, offices and offices. It provides private residential pest control services in areas that cover private buildings. On the commercial side, it offers pest control in offices, commercial buildings, shopping complexes, schools and clinics. The company works closely with the municipal corporations and private institutions to provide pest control services. The business provides indoor and outdoor pest control services using the most effective and advanced techniques in providing Effective Expert pest control in Dhaka.


Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. serves over 50% of Dhaka residents with over 400 registered and skilled employees. It is established with a view to Operate Eco-friendly Pest Control in Bangladesh.

Main Pest Control Services Area we Serve in Bangladesh

We Operate Pest Control in Chittagong, We Render Pest Control in Cox’s Bazar, We operate restaurant pest control in Rajshahi, We Provide Pest Control in Sylhet, We Have Pest Control in Dhaka City, We Have Pest Control Near Me, We Have Pest Control Dhanmondi, Pest Control in Mirpur, Termite Pest Control in Mirpur, Pest Control in Gulshan, Pest Control Uttara, Pest Control Mohammadpur, Pest Control Bashundara, Pest Control Baridhara, All Over the Bangladesh.


How to deal with a professional pest control service provider in Dhaka:

Among the pest control companies in Bangladesh Urban Pest Control BD will be the best option for your any pest control services demand for Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control Needs and Industrial Pest Control Needs in Bangladesh. Because it Has a Well Trained Expert Pest Control Technician Team, Appointed Applied Entomologist for proper pest control safety mate, Pest Control planning. Having worldwide Mostly Practiced Pest control tools, Eco-friendly, safe, non-hazardous public health pesticides.  Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. Is Incorporated and Govt. Licensed Pest Control Company in Bangladesh. Well Established and Having Registered Office for Proper Pest Control Documentation Needs.

During summers activity of pests increase. If You find Any Activity of Termites, cockroaches and other pests like mosquitoes, ticks, rats and mice then it is time to call the pest control technician.

“It is best practice to have pest control service very early says Mr. Abdul Momin Applied Entomologist of Urban Pest Control Dhaka. “The German cockroach which is a very common bug in peoples’ homes and commercial kitchens, breeds very fast. In fact, one egg can have about 42 hatchlings and before you know it, the one or two bugs you shrugged off as ‘a one-time incident’ will have changed into any number of roaches, infesting your house or restaurant and causing health problems.

Scenarios for restaurants and residential hotel rooms are especially dire. Roaches love damp places, preferably ones that involve some munchies for them. As restaurants deal with wet food, they are roach heavens. Mice and rats love them some munchies too so they join this merry party as well.

A Best Pest Control companies recommend treating restaurants weekly or bi-weekly at least.

Although there are some conscious restaurants that take our services every day

Hotel rooms also use pest control in Dhaka City.

“Most of them prefer that one of our men stay there the whole day and treat the rooms- sometimes twice daily,”

Others opt for services that last them for a good few months before they need these services again.

“It also depends on their guest profile. If a high-profile guest is coming to stay, pest treatment is crucial,” mentioned.

Homes are easier to treat and they are the most important because they house old people, young children and all age groups in between and involve their safety and health.

“Summer wreaks havoc on homes when it comes to flying pests,” concedes. “We get numerous requests for free consultations and treatments in this season.”

Cockroaches, mosquitos and other small bugs constantly raid homes, making life difficult and unsanitary. Termites and bedbugs also start getting active during these months, meaning that they feed more and breed  more.

“One treatment every 6 months is recommended,” against cockroach. Some pest control companies charge per bed/sofa, per room or as a package. The bigger your bed or furniture or room, the higher the price.

“We charge for the amount of chemical we need to use. For instance, treatment of an average sized home will cost around 1500tk for cockroaches and ants. For big Home, we usually charge per square meter. We quote a package rate for the entire room.” Other companies charge a package price for the entire home with all rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Both Pest Control and Best Pest control, just like other pest control companies, We offer free home visits and consultations and warranties for their services. Some of these warranties last half a year and some companies are confident enough to offer 5-year warranties for certain types of pests. Any infestation between this stipulated times will get you free services from them.

Pest control companies recognize the power of online marketing and have set up extensive websites detailing their services and offering contact numbers on which to reach them for queries. They also continue to advertise on billboards and flyers on the streets so one can spot a good pest control company if they keep an eye out for such ads on their way around the city.

Easy to reach, convenient to take, and economical to keep up regularly, pest control service is an invaluable summer hack no one told you about.

Why Would You Like Our Service?

We provide you with the best pest control services in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh considering all aspects of a proper pest control service. You should choose us based on the following reasons.

  • Premium Quality USA Formulated Anti-termite and Public Health Pesticides
  • Eco-friendly Pesticides
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Applied Entomologist Standard Planned Pest Control Procedure
  • .Free Consultancy with Expert Applied Entomologist
  • Qualified Technicians.
  • Approved pest control Company.
  • Pest Control with Up-to-Date Technology and Modern Methods
  • Cost Effective Pest Control Service
  • Committed to Provide Best Quality Pesticide
  • Guaranteed Pest Control


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Greetings, This is Abdul Momin, Founder Managing Director and Acting Entomologist from Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. A Most Used Pest Control Brand in Bangladesh in the field of Urban Pest Management for Residential and Commercial Pest Needs. We are 100% Alternatives to industrial Pest Management by Industrial Standard Insect Proof Measures and Planning, Baits, Traps and Chemical Treatment against Any Crawling and Flying and Structural Pest Organisms.

Best Regards
Md. Abdul Momin
B.Sc. Hons in Zoology, MS in Applied Entomology, Dept. Zoology, University of Rajshahi.

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