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Best Urban Pest Control Practice should implemented In Bangladesh

What is Urban Pest Control?

Urban Pest Control Refers to Control and Management of Urban Pest Including Mosques, Termite, Rat, Cockroach, bedbugs, ant, Centipede, Millipedes, Silver Fish, Flea and Mite, Thrips, Hopper and Worms, Pathogens etc. If any kind of pest Issues arises in Cith or Home it is named as Urban Pest Control. Urban Pest Control can be rendered by any means of pest control methods chemical control, biological pest Control and Physical Pest Control methods. If Your Local Pesticides and DIY Pest Medicine Does not control your pest issue you may call Urban Pest Control Company in Bangladesh, Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. And Other Pest Control Companies which trusted, convenient and affordable.

What will be the requirement of a Pest Control Company for Your Pest Issue?

Any Pest Control Company must the followings govt. Policies and contents!

  • Govt. Pest Control License from Agricultural Extention of Government of Bangladesh.
  • Local Municipal Authority Trade Licence.
  • Fire Licence
  • Appointed MBBS Doctor
  • Appointed Applied Entomologist.
  • Trained Technician Team
  • Efficient Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicide, Viricide, Application Sprayer, Termite Baits, Rodent Baits, Cockroaches baits,
  • Safety Knowledge of Public Health and Safety

What is Pest Control Certificate?

Pest Control Certificate is any paper written document which is issued by the Govt. Licenced Pest Control Company. It is also called General Pest Control Certificate, Fumigation Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate, Pest Control Certificate and Termite Control Certificate. Every constructed building must avail Anti-termite Treatment and Termite Control Certificate othe building could be recognised as value less asset. Every Restaurants and Gactory must have Commercial Pest Control Service and Certificate. Otherwise that products and Environment will recognised as unhygienic and pathogenic.

Pest Control is Safe and Hygine?

Obviously Pest Control is safe and Natural. We are not at biotechnology and digital era. Every invention on pest control day by day is getting it’s top most safety and quality that will not harmful for human being and eco-system. Our applied Entomologist always trying find out the most effective medicine for any pest control needs in Safe Ways. Pest Control User must have safety measures and instructions provided by the Appointed Applied Entomologist.

What Service is Safe and Hygine for Termite Control?

Termite Baiting is most sophisticated and Newly IInvented Termite Control services than Chemical Control. It does not require leaving home and safety measures during and after service operations.