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What is Bedbug Tent Fumigation?

The Process Involves Proper Air Tight Boxing, Entering Bedbugs Invaded Furnitures, Exposing Aluminum Phosphide, Safety warnings, Proper Adminstration for 72 Hours Durable Fumigation Process.

A Fumigation Tent Must Be Controlled No Body will enter into the Fumigated Tent Box.

Where Tenting Fumigation is Applicable?

Tent Fumigation Could be rendered only on Building Roof only. Any Infested Furnished Furniture must be collected from that Invaded House.

Is Tent Fumigation safe for Health?

Yes tent fumigation is safe. It has expert Consultancy First. If A Commercial Pest Control Company Aggree with you to do your house Tent Fumigation then is wrong. A Tent Fumigation is Safe and Healthy Measures than Any Chemical Treatment. If Any Home Infested with Nasty and Mode Damaging Bedbugs then Tent Fumigation Must Be Conducted. It is Safe and Healthy Because of it Fall Zero Residues to Furitures and Ready to use just after Tent Fumigation.

Why Tent Fumigation is a risky Job?

Tent Fumigation is a Risky Measure Among the All Pest Control Measures. Because it Requires Many Technician to Arrange the Tenting Fumigation Process for A Residential Tent Fumigation. It is Fire Sensitive and Safocatting Gas Type of Chemical Measures.

What Used arrange Tent Fumigation Process?

Tentting Box, Optimal Amount of Aluminum Phosphide. Expert Applied Entomologist Demonstrator, Expert Professional Pest Control Technician Team, Furniture Removal Man Power and Many More.

Industrial Uses of Fumigation Process in Bangladesh?

All Most All the Food Grain Storage and silos uses this Aluminum Phosphide Gas Fumigant Tablet to protect that Food Grain from Triboleum Control, Rat Control and Any Others form of Pest Insfestation in Healthy and Safe Ways. It is Safe, Don’t Fall Any Residue.

Is this Kind of Tent Fumigation Applicable to Eradicate Household Bebug Problems?

If some body is willing to avail this kind of Tent Fumigation for his or Her Home then It is Applicabe at Safe, Secured Place Like at Building Roof Only by Arranging Tent Fumigation.

Is This Kind of Tent Fumigation Available in Bangladesh?

Tent fumigation and Warehoue Fumigaiton is Available in Bangladesh by Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

is Safe and Healthy than Chemical Control for Residential Furnitures. We Offer Very Well Planned Tent Fumigation for Any Class of Urban Life Style by the Aggreement and Work Order From. We Render Safe well Planned Secure Tent Fumigation Process for any House.

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