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Pest Control Business when done by Unauthorised Persons in Bangladesh! What Incident Happens in Health and Environment!

What Happen when pest control job/business performed by Unauthorised Persons in Bangladesh?

There is seen of unauthorised pest control operation in the developed countries. A pest control service is very much sensitive and incidental of death and hazardous if you hire an Expert without having any pest control training, certificates, license and educational background on Entomology and Crop Protection by IPM. There is no body to see this in Bangladesh. Two brothers has been killed by a cleaning organisation not by Approved Pest Control Company. Just look into deep that a pest control company is not your cleaning partner such like that a cleaning organisation could not be your pest control partner. In Dhaka city not only All the Bangladesh People ingesting some kilo of toxic and hazardous pesticides Every year with their vegetables and air by breathing. Because in Bangladesh a million ton of agrochemicals imported every year and sold it in local market. Agro Farmers are buying and applying this toxic chemicals on Vegitables and others crop to protect them from Damaging by Pest.

What Should we do for reducing chemical use in Pest Control for Urban Pest Control, Agro Pest Control and Others pest Control in Bangladesh?

There is very rare appearance of IPM Services in Pest Control in Bangladesh at every sector. Without implementation and Adminstration of Using IPM our health is in risk of hazardous journey by damaging our kidney, lungs, Skin, Tumour and Cancers like diseases orginating from this huge application of pesticide and insecticides. Uses of Pheromone Traps, And Traps like pitfall traps and sticky traps and Physical Pest Control Measures like luring might