Pest Exterminator

How to deal with a professional pest control service provider in Dhaka:

Cockroaches, mosquitos and other small bugs constantly raid homes, making life difficult and unsanitary. Termites and bedbugs also start getting active during these months, meaning that they feed more and breed  more.

“One treatment every 6 months is recommended,” against cockroach. Some pest control companies charge per bed/sofa, per room or as a package. The bigger your bed or furniture or room, the higher the price.

“We charge for the amount of chemical we need to use. For instance, treatment of an average sized home will cost around 1500tk for cockroaches and ants. For big Home, we usually charge per square meter. We quote a package rate for the entire room.” Other companies charge a package price for the entire home with all rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Both Pest Control and Best Pest control, just like other pest control companies, We offer free home visits and consultations and warranties for their services. Some of these warranties last half a year and some companies are confident enough to offer 5-year warranties for certain types of pests. Any infestation between this stipulated times will get you free services from them.

Pest control companies recognize the power of online marketing and have set up extensive websites detailing their services and offering contact numbers on which to reach them for queries. They also continue to advertise on billboards and flyers on the streets so one can spot a good pest control company if they keep an eye out for such ads on their way around the city.

Easy to reach, convenient to take, and economical to keep up regularly, pest control service is an invaluable summer hack no one told you about.